Don't think. Just do it.

My name is Eduardo, I am a Puerto Rican Jew. I am nineteen years of age and obsessed with Longboarding, BBW, Rock and Metal they're my life. My tumblr pretty much gives you in idea about myself , humor, personality, beliefs, dislikes, and interests.

Please Don't Be Shy! I'll answer anything you give me, I don't judge and if you want to talk private add my Kik: nerdishfanboy

Enjoii and as always ROCK ON \m/


Reblog if you like what you see. Let’s talk ;)


Just made a paypal
Thinking about selling my panties along w a pic of me in the panties of your choice
Really up for about anything
Let me know what you think and if you’d be interested
Fatgrlxing for more info

Reblog if you run an ACTIVE NSFW blog so we can find one another

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